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Pre 2007

Tainted Love

Six abstracts based on songDecember 29, 2006.  The paintings were inspired by a heavy percussion version of the Soft Cell song, Tainted Love.  Acrylic on six cotton canvases each 24X18 inches, the last has a wood attachment, $1200.00.  Click to enlarge.

Great Man

December 3, 2005.  In the eastern hills of Washington State I imagined a great figure of mountainous proportions surveying the dry parched land.  Acrylic on linen, 54X60 inches, $1000.00.  Click to enlarge. Continue Reading

Death of Adonis

June 11, 2004.  The landscape of northern New Hampshire inspired this.  Venus mourns Adonis who in this case is the environment.  Her son, Cupid looks on bewildered.  Acrylic on linen, 72X84 inches, $1000.00.  Click to enlarge. Continue Reading

Emily Dickinson

April 19, 2004.  I saw Emily not in a white dress that she was known to wear in her later years, but rather in the proper attire of a woman of the 1870s and ’80s.  Six of her poems hang in the air about her, the connection we have with this marvelous woman.  Acrylic on… Continue Reading

Billy Holiday

August 14, 2004.  The color shapes suggest her life on a cramped stage, spotlights blinding and a jazzy score filling the air.  Acrylic on linen, 84X48 inches, $1200.00.  Click to enlarge. Continue Reading


February 8, 2004.  Xerxes was the king of ancient Persia who led an enormous invasion of Greece and destroyed Athens.  As he prepared to cross the Hellespont he surveyed the great army and wondered how many would survive the oncoming war.  if this story is true I can’t iagine he stood above his army naked;… Continue Reading