Art-Abstracts,3D,Figures,Landscapes-New England
Tainted Love
December 29, 2006.  The paintings were inspired by a heavy percussion version of the Soft Cell song [more]
Vice president and President
2006.  Acrylic on two linen canvases with collage in a painted wood frame, 32X45 inches, $500.00.  [more]
Great Man
December 3, 2005.  In the eastern hills of Washington State I imagined a great figure of mountainou [more]
Four Men with Guitars
August 1, 2005.  I wanted a lateral movement across the canvas of both figures and shadows.  Acryl [more]
Death of Adonis
June 11, 2004.  The landscape of northern New Hampshire inspired this.  Venus mourns Adonis who in [more]
Emily Dickinson
April 19, 2004.  I saw Emily not in a white dress that she was known to wear in her later years, bu [more]
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
June 6, 2005.  Acrylic on linen, 72X36 inches, $1000.00.  Click to enlarge. [more]
Susan B. Anthony
March 17, 2005.  Acrylic on linen, 72X60 inches, $1000.00.  Click to enlarge. [more]
Billy Holiday
August 14, 2004.  The color shapes suggest her life on a cramped stage, spotlights blinding and a j [more]
February 8, 2004.  Xerxes was the king of ancient Persia who led an enormous invasion of Greece and [more]
November 25, 2003.  This painting forms the right side of the Bush Administration triptych.  S [more]
October 16, 2003.  Some say he seems to be holding a crushing weight.  He is in a way.  I see [more]
The Bush Administration
August 3, 2003.  This was conceived as the central painting in a triptych, the painting, Man, o [more]
The Creation
June 18, 2003.  I thought of creation as titanic power and force yet also having extreme delica [more]
Ariadne and Bacchus
March 29, 2003.  Dionysis (Bacchus) appears before Ariadne on the island of Naxos.  Acrylic on [more]
Mars, God of War
November 19, 2002.  My largest nude up to that time, it was painted a year after the September [more]
Le Pavillon d’Armide
August 18, 2002.  This was my first large figure painting.  it followed the small paintings I [more]
Nude in a Dark Room 3
June 26, 2002.  Acrylic on linen, 30X60 inches, $300.00.  Click to enlarge. [more]
Nude in a Dark Room 2
May 31, 2002.  Acrylic on linen, 24X33 inches, $300.00.  Click to enlarge. [more]
Nijinsky – L’Apres-Midi d’un Faune
April 22, 2002.  I drew these from 1912 photographs in Lincoln Kirsten's book, Nijinsky Dancing.  [more]
Nijinsky – Jeux
March 31, 2002.  The figures were drawn from 1913 photographs of Nijinsky's ballet, Jeux.  Acrylic [more]
Nijinsky – Petrouchka
February 27, 2002.  Beside the four 1912 photographs from the Lincoln Kirsten book, Nijinsky Dancin [more]
February 13, 2002.  Acrylic on linen, 25X17 inches, $500.00.  Click to enlarge. [more]
Kasavina and Nijinsky – Giselle
February 6, 2002.  This is from a 1909 photograph in the Lincoln Kirsten book, Nijinsky Dancing.  [more]
Nijinsky – Le Pavillon d’Armide
January 28,2002.  The six figures were from 1911 photographs were drawn,arranged into a landscape; [more]
Nijinsky – Danse Simoise
December 28, 2001.  This image is copied from a 1910 photograph from Lincoln Kirsten's book, Nijins [more]
Nijinsky – Carneval
December 5, 2001.  The images of Vaslav Nijinsky were copied from 1911 photographs in Lincoln Kirst [more]
Foreground, background and In-between
November 19, 2001.  This is an abstraction of my back yard--sunny lawn, shady wooded area and lawn [more]
Like a Quilt
September 2, 2001.  As with Dark Place four years earlier, I wanted to create distance yet keep for [more]
After Gounod’s Faust 4
2000.  I concentrated on a sense of space between the groups of shapes.  As with the previous thre [more]
After Gounod’s Faust 3
1999.  In this third painting of the Faust series I wasn't concerned by representing every sound bu [more]
After Gounod’s Faust 2
1998.  Like Faust 1 this painting is read from left to right.  There is a vertical introduction fo [more]
After Gounod’s Faust 1
1997.  In 1997 I drew sketches for a twelve canvas ensemble inspired by the ballet music from the o [more]
September 9, 1997.  Looking through a sliding door to the yard, a little of the painting itself is [more]
After Josquin DesPrez
April 22, 1997.  The painting was inspired by the Kyrie from Missa L'ami beaudeshon of Josquin DesP [more]
Dark Place
January 23, 1997.  The painting is based on my back yard at night.  I combined a landscape with an [more]
After Gerschwin
1996.  The inspiration of these four canvases was George Gershwin's 1921 song, Drifting the Clouds [more]
Mozart Rondo 2
March 22, 1994.  A more elaborate version of Rondo 1.  Here the entire rondo is included and the p [more]
Mozart Rondo 1
January 22, 1993.  The painting was inspired by an orchestral rondo of Mozart.  Each sound (which [more]
Blue Shapes
1976.  This painting done with a palette knife is an early attempt of a rhythm painting.  Oil on c [more]
Field in July
July 1975.  One of many plein aire landscape I did in the mid 1970s; by the 1980s the field was gon [more]
Girl with the Red kerchief
1974.  Oil palette knife, 16X12 inches, $400.00.  Click to enlarge. [more]
Plants and Fish Tank
  November, 1972.  This was a corner of my living room in Boston.  Oil on cotton, 14X20 in [more]
Nude and a Man in a Room
1968.  Oil on cotton, 20X22 inches, $1000.00.  Click to enlarge. [more]
Window on West 49th Street
1966.  The view was from my fifth floor apartment.  Oil on cotton, 24X18 inches, $1000.00.  Click [more]